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Gym Secret #1

Hm, so ok, when I look in the mirror and look at my stomach I can see a two-pack, or let’s say, a four-pack. After I saw my abs today I felt good, so I packed my sports stuff, grabbed my bike and drove to the gym to do a little more for my abs.

Image from http://www.beastskills.com/l-seat

Image from http://www.beastskills.com/l-seat

At the gym, I was highly motivated to train my stomach. I have three exercises in my trainins-plan but today I wanted more.

So, I tried this new “machine”. The leg-lift.
I started out with my first ten repetitions. I didn’t think it was easy, seeing you need strenth in your arms as well.

I then made my second round and I thought that this all feels weird. It felt a little weird in my, let’s say, lower woman body part… and with weird I mean good.

I made a longer pause this time to let the weird feeling pass and then I started my third and last round of ten repetitions – but, I had to quit at number 7. I couldn’t go on because I thought I might get a freaking orgasm from lifting my legs to train my belly!! How weird is that?! I wonder if that’s a known phenomenon or what. Oh gee! I had to smirk but I thought I better not continue with this exercise.

I wonder if I’m the only who REALLY enjoys this machine or if other girls have experienced the same. I guess I’ll never know because I will not run around my gym asking others if they have a near-orgasm-experience on the leg-lift, as well!?

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