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New Year’s Eve
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Our Christmas Tree So here’s the question, the question which occurs almost every year: What to do for New Year’s Eve?

Well, I already know. I’m still sick.
Brief history: I’ve had a sore throat the last three weeks. Not the typical sore throat – it was more the feeling that someone was choking me. I thought “Neh, I don’t need to go to the doctor because of that”. Then, one week ago and two days before Christmas, it got worse. I was sick. Of course every doctor was on holiday, so I got an appointment for today at the otorhinolaryngologist. I have a laryngo-pharyngeal and bronchi inflammation and everything is kinda swollen. My lymphs are big – huge! I’m on medication now and I’m happy and really really REALLY hope the infection will go away soon!

So, unfortunately my Christmas wasn’t as great as usual. I’ve been sick for a week now (well, all in all about three weeks), today is the first day it’s a bit better. The thing that worries me is my thesis, of course. I have such a strong headache when I’m sick that it’s impossible to write and concentrate and work on my thesis. But I plan on having it done by the end of the month!! Man, I’ve never been sick so much like in the last 10 months, whilst completing my thesis. I’m sooo sooo sooo happy when it’s done.

Oh, well, New Year’s the Lover is coming over to my place, we’re going to have a nice and lovely dinner and just stay home. For the first time EVER. My mom gave me a little bottle of champaign and we’ll toast on the balcony.

Thanks for the lovely Christmas wishes y’all! And thanks to Sarah Ashley, Jessica, Sarah, Karin, Mendifae, Ori, Anna, Hanna, Hev, Heather, Sara, Ashley, Miranda and Bubs for the sweet Christmas Cards you sent HUG

What are you going to do New Year’s Eve?

Merry Christmas!
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I’m just going to blog about it now and wish it to you now as well.


Cute video, eh? Disney ♥
On Wedenesday I’m driving to my parents to celebrate Christmas Eve with my family. On Thursday I’ll hop on the train and drive to Stuttgart to the Lover’s parents. On Friday evening we’ll leave back to Munich to continue writing on the thesis (Lover is writing as well). It’s a short Christmas and I’m sad about that, but it’ll be nice.

I’m a little sick again – I can’t wait to, at some time, maybe get a few days off. I need a vacation – bad! This thesis is sucking me out :cheerup:

Have a good one!

Great ad
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Whilst looking through the online newspaper this morning I found an ad which made me laugh Continue reading

Annual Quilting Bee Blog Day

Today is the Annual Blog Day

On December 15th, all bees with blogs have the opportunity to tell the world why they love the club, what their favourite activity is, the friends you’ve made (anything q*bee!) […]

If you’re not a member (yet), here are some reasons you might consider joining:

  1. If you’re active, you’ll make some new friends, get some new commentators for your site and find new sites/blogs to visit
  2. You get to create a cute Quilting Bee Page and collect patches from other members. You collect them to make your quilt bigger and bigger
  3. If you overcome your shyness, you’ll be able to get to know the Queen, the ultimate PHP ninja, the “ultimately better than you” Jem better
  4. If you enjoy pixeling, you can take part in Activities
  5. For every “good” thing you did, you can collect a Shroomy
  6. Members can vote for you and if you “win”, you’ll get an award for different categories, such as Unique Website, Creative Patch, Creative Quilt
  7. You get to chat with other bees and talk about girly/boyly things, geeky things, random things… when other bees are online

Heh, I kind of feel like I’m in some sort of sect, writing all those things to persuade you to joinย  ๐Ÿ™‚ย  . Maybe the qbee will take over the world one day, you never know, right ((no, it’s not a sect – don’t worry)) ? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway… here are some things I really like about the qbee:

  1. I like to post at the Message Board
  2. I like to trade and get to add a new patch to my quilt and see it grow
  3. I get to meet new people
  4. Also if I’m not amazing in pixeling, I do enjoy taking part in the activities and try to pixel an activity patch
  5. Seeing I’m a Honeybee, I get to decide whether applying people get accepted or not *evillaugh* *jk*

So, if you’re looking to bee more active on the Internet, if you want to meet new people, if you like pixeling (or not – it doesn’t really matter), if you like bees (well, that really doesn’t matter too), then you can consider joining. You don’t have to, of course. It’s really not a sect, you don’t have to pay $1.000.000 a year and you’re not forced to do other things you don’t want to. Don’t believe me and think I’m talking in sarcasm-language? See for yourself and join Theqbee ๐Ÿ˜‰

Happy December

Christmas Time
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Happy December

Here’s one of my pseudo-weekly blog entries again.

Not a lot of new exciting things to blog about though. My thesis is going ok. I finally classified the images and now have results. Now I “just” have to write down the results (I’m not good with the words – I’d rather just post 1000ยฒ pictures ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ) and perform the accuracy assessment. After I’ve completed that, I’ll apply myself to writing the summary and further implementation as well as the introduction and the abstract. I hope my proof-readers won’t find too many misleading paragraphs or errorsย  :nervous:

I’ve talked to my professor and asked for an extension, which he approved on. I’m happy! I do want to get done ASAP (my actual due date is January 23rd – 4 days after my birthday), but it’s just calming to know I have a few extra week(s) to complete my work.

Well, something exciting did happen. I have a job! I’ve applied for it in the summer, the company I’m writing the thesis for was looking for a new employee in the GIS software developement department. I applied, told them my experience (very little php, very little Visual Basic, HTML, CSS, Adobe Photoshop) yet I also told them I’d be very interested in learning Java, Php, ASP… and a week later they said “We’d like you in our team” ๐Ÿ˜€ I was thrilled of course.

So, a few weeks ago two departments of the company and I sat together and talked about my application areas. And… I’ll work for two departments ๐Ÿ™‚ Once for the GIS software development department as a webdesigner AND for the RADAR/SAR image processing department. I’m very excited and happy! The contract is printed, I’ll start February 1st, no matter if my thesis is done or not.
I actually wanted to start January 1st, BUT… if I would, I think my body and soul would EXPLODE!

It’s all very very awesome and I’m quite lucky! I want to start working! On the other side, I can’t wait to take a few days off. I’ll maybe take vacation in March (when I’m moving) or April (easter). I haven’t had vacation in years!

My Christmas presents are all bought and wrapped. I have this habit on getting the pressies very early in November. Less stress! I’ll put my brain in “creative mode” and think what for presents I can get. My parents get my contract of employment, my nephew some “CARS” stuff, my niece (the lover’s niece actually) gets a Hello Kitty purse (Hello Kitty is perverted expensive here in Germany, I almost shit my pants!) and something from Diddl. The Lover gets something too any my sisters as well. I’m not going to write what though, you never know who’s reading your blog ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love packing, so all the wrapped presents are lying in front of my Christmas tree (aka my plant).

This month was the first month I spent money on myself as well. My Christmas presents for me are a Wall-E pencil case (which I don’t need, but sooo cute!), a cute planner and little purse from Etsy, a cute purple cardigan from H&M, a lovely scarf from Esprit and a pullover of my favorite band “Die ร„rzte”. Oh, and I ordered some tummy-away-panties, too, because, I mean, why work on getting a flat tummy when you can just press the fat away :omg: Also if the things you buy don’t really make you happy for long, I’m very happy with my purchases because they’re all great. I haven’t bought anything for me in soo long, I almost have a guilty conscience that I bought so much… almost.

Tomorrow I have a training in DBMS and after that there’s a XMAS party at uni where I’ll have beer ๐Ÿ™‚ Next week (Dec 18th and 19th) I have a few doctor’s appointments (you know, the docs you go to once or twice a year… dentist, gynecologist, orthodontist…) and the XMAS party of work.

The month of December will turn into a stressy one – but I’m happy and that’s what counts :winknudge:

How’s your December?