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I just read through some old posts – about four year old posts – and thought “that’s a nice reason to keep this website – my online diary”. For some reason I’m just not in the mood to blog, design layouts, create content anymore. It’s a shame – a little bit – but I guess I could just keep this domain and try to post at least once a month?! Shouldn’t be so hard (but sometimes, it IS!). I don’t post at forums anymore, I don’t upload photos on Flickr anymore, or let’s say hardly anymore. Argh.

Q: Have you ever been in a non-internetty mood regarding your website and if so, what made you keep it – or leave it?

8 thoughts on “Old Posts”

  1. I haven’t been blogging much recently, and really haven’t done much with my website.

    But how could I ever just leave it? Like you say, it’s a history of who I was over the past years…even if I just keep it online and not touch it, a part of me stays alive.

  2. My blog regularly suffers “Durststrecken” when I have no time to think of ideas for blog posts. But occasionally something happens I want to blog about, so I just do. That usually puts me in a general writing mood, and I pre-write another 1-2 blog entries which I publish later that week. Though it sometimes feels lonely, I’d never give up my blog. It feels good to have a place where I can easily vent 🙂

  3. Here lately if I get in the mood where I don’t want much to do with the internet then I take a few days off from it and then come back full force, however, back in like my 2005 era when I got burnt out I quit and never successfully came back until this year, I had attempted several times in between then and now, but never stuck with it until now.

    So, it just varies for each person I think. If you’re feeling it, you’re feeling it and if you’re not then you’re not. There really isn’t much you can do to force it.

  4. I have periods like that every once in a while, when I just can’t be bothered to blog and post and upload stuff and all that jazz. But I’ve never thought about leaving my site altogether, partly for the same reason as you discovered: my old posts. It’s fun to keep a record of my past. The other reason is that I know I’ll be back, sooner or later. I can’t imagine NOT having a website and even if I need a break sometimes I know I will return to it eventually 🙂

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