HIIT on the Treadmill

My heart rate during HIIT

How I do it

  • 5-minute warmup at around 8 or 9km/h (5 or 5.6mp/h)
  • 30 second sprint between 15 and 16 km/h (9.3 and 9.9mph). I usually start at 16 km/h and go down each sprint.
  • 30 second pause (I let the treadmill go fast while I lift my body up with my arms and spread my legs to each side of the treadmill)
  • all in all 10 times sprinting
  • after 14 minutes 30 seconds the cooldown begins
  • 5 minutes 30 seconds cooldown at 9 to 7km/h (5.6 to 4.4mp/h)

I do 30/30 sec. because it’s easy to monitor, you sprint/pause at either a half or a full minute.

Why I prefer HIIT on the treadmill

  • you sweat, a lot!
  • after every sprint you are so looking forward to the next 30 second pause
  • the 20 minutes go by fast
  • it’s short
  • it’s not as boring as running a constant speed all the time (running on a treadmill is sooo boring)
  • it’s exhausting
  • it’s a short effective training
  • I love the sweat!
  • I love being out of breath!

I always monitor my pulse which goes down to around 85% – 88% of my max. heart rate after each sprint. My top rate is between 95% and 99% for a few seconds. If I make a pause of one minute my heart rate goes down to about 70%.
When I go jogging outside I sometimes do some sprints, sometimes not.

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