Baby Buggy Jogging

In my opinion, one of the sport activities where you see the success very fast, is jogging. I don’t mean “body-success”, but efficiency.

The weather here has been quite nice, no rain or snow, the temperature over 0°C in the mornings, so I decided to start my season of jogging again. The only difference to my last years of jogging is that I’m jogging with a baby in a stroller now 🙂
I’m happy we decided to buy a jogging stroller and I’m happy I can do sports with my baby boy. I started exactly one week ago and went jogging on Tuesday and Saturday, 4km. And again today, Tuesday, 5km.

It’s amazing that I ran 4 km last week in 37:26 minutes and today I ran 5 km in 35:29 minutes. 2 minutes faster and one kilometer more! Kilometer 4 and 5 are running up a hill, 37 meter difference.

4 km run

5 km run

I was very happy with my results today (plus my baby boy fell asleep pretty early) and it was hard for me to believe that I could have kept running and even so much faster that last week.

So, keep on running!

3 thoughts on “Baby Buggy Jogging”

    1. He can probably tell by the faster movement of nature passing him, but other than that he sits in the stroller the same way when we go for a walk. And seeing he falls asleep every time I go for a run he probably enjoys the little breeze in his face 🙂

  1. That is so great that you are able to do the jogging and also have your little love with you as well. It’s also really great that you have been improving your time. Hope it continues to go well. 😀

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