Quinn 2 weeks old
Quinn 2 weeks old

Quinns weight: 3540 g (gained 320 g since birth)
My weight: 54,3 kg (-0,5 kg from last week)

Quinn 2 weeks old

Quinn 2 weeks old

Lochia: Still there, not a lot though.
Quinn loves this week:

  • Being more active
  • Looking around
  • Going for walks

Mom loves:

  • when Quinn yawns
  • looking at Quinn while he’s sleeping
  • singing to Quinn
  • the sounds Quinn makes
  • touching Quinn
  • having Quinn on my chest
  • sleeping next to Quinn in our bed
  • touching and looking at his little feet and hands
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  1. Jessica

    Quinn sounds like such a little cutie! I’m so happy to read/hear that you’re loving being a new Mommy, and I look forward to reading a bit more about him and yourself. 🙂

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