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Yes, the above two words popped into my head when I thought about which title to use.
I am so tired, my eyes hurt. Sitting in front of the PC from 8am to 23:41 really isn’t good. Especially not when you’ve been doing that for weeks and will keep doing that for two more months! That’s when I have to hand in my thesis – two months from now. January 23rd, 2009. That date seems so close!

So far I have 112 pages and still no results. I’m happy to say though, that following parts are completed: theory of SAR/Radar (ok, does someone know why my WP plugin for acronyms doesn’t work? By chance?), description of the test area and data, data pre-processing and the visual interpretation.

What I've been doing...

Oh man, I’m so happy when it’s over! Due to me having most of the software I need at home, I write and analyze at home. So, I get up, drink my coffee and browse the net. By 9:00am I’m starting on my thesis and will work on it until the evening or night, till about 22:00. I’ll make breaks in between, for sure, but I pretty much don’t leave my apartment.
Two days ago the Lover and I went for a walk at night; not long, 45 minutes maybe. I still have a very unpleasant pain in my right thigh from, you know, all the moving.

I haven’t been jogging or to the gym in weeks months! Two months for sure! I pay €40 a month for the gym and I feel like I don’t have the time to go! Boo!

My eyes hurt on a daily basis but today, eventually, I turned down the brightness and contrast of my monitor! Feels much (sort of – a little actually) better now.

So, I’m going to go to bed now. I just wanted to keep you updated. Posting a video and lyrics can’t always be a solution 😉

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Ok, so, I normally don’t blog about lyrics or post a song on my blog, but this song by Brooke Waggoner is just too cute. So if you like Feist or Ingrid Michaelson or Regine Spektor, you’ll probably like Brooke 🙂 The lyrics are so cute too. I haven’t heard/read lyrics like that in … um.. a long time? ever?

I bought an old home in Del Rio
The status quo stucco looked like the Alamo
Neighbor Jethro brought by his fresco
Lo and behold he showed where good neighbors abode

(He) offered tobacco to which I vetoed
I said I only smoke alone separate and solo
He wanted to know how I liked Del Rio
And if the lack of snow had made it all perfecto

And I replied
Oh, why here it’s so-so
but it is no, no Colorado
I miss my home and the cocoa
I wanna go home…

He helped me unload my piano
And then I played him oh a favorite concerto
He yelled profundo while I played allegro
And then he tip-tap-toed through my accelerandos

Gave him a banjo and said strum what you know
Then I pretended I was Dinos my old maestro
He kept in tempo and I said bravo
He picked the dearest notes that gave me thoughts of sweet hope

Oh, why here it’s so-so
but it is no, no Colorado
I miss my home and the cocoa
I wanna go home…

After the song show I offered jam & toast
He said he’d forego and he left to tend his young goats
So I unpacked soap, found my bathrobe
And decided it’d be nice to sit and soak

On the backbone of the commode
I placed a family photo then let out a sad moan
Then a new groan of hunger followed,
And I bought two tacos and an H20 to go

Yeah there is no place no, no place quite like your home
Oh there’s no place no, no place quite like your home


It’s a very sweet song and I’m glad I found another female artist which makes great music.

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