Unser Sohne ist nun schon 26 Monate alt, also über zwei Jahre.

Ich sitze gerade vor dem Laptop um ihm für den Urlaub einen Badeanzug zu bestellen. Neben mir sitzt mein Mann. Er frägt mich ob ich schon auch die richtige Größe bestelle.

Ich verdrehe die Augen, schau meinen Mann an und frage ihn “Was trägt unser Sohn denn für eine Größe?!” Nach etwas zögern und einer Antwort von “das steht doch in den Klamotten” antwortet er “58?”

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Long time no write…

Hello there, is anybody still reading this blog (seeing I never blog)?

Anyway… hm, I’d like to blog more about my little wild almost two year old (baby) boy, but then on the other hand I don’t want to share too much information about him online. I probably could just blog and not share pictures though. Not sure.

So, life is good but I’m sick way too often. It started in the beginning of December when I had a pulled muscle, then a laryngitis, then a cold, and now a cold. I called sick into work so often the last 2,5 months I feel bad.
This time, about a week ago, Q had lots of yellow stuff in his eyes. I had to put in eye drops five times a day and clean his eyes a lot. It wasn’t a conjunctivitis, luckily, but still it was catching, as I got it three days later. The same thing – everything behind the nose is clogged, the tear fluid which is being produced cannot run through the nose so it just comes out of the eyes – yummy! I haven’t had something like that in 35 years but now, with a child, it’s never too late for the first time.

Q and I stayed home one week now, his eyes are pretty good now and I think I’ll put him into child-care tomorrow, so that he can play a bit with his friends. And mommy (me) will RELAX!

I always wondered how mothers do it – to be sick with a child. My answer is: Advil! 🙂 I’m not a fan of taking medicine but when I’m sick I pretty much take them all the time. Don’t blame me 😉

Q’s play corner in the living/dining room is finished now, here’s a photo
Q's play-corner in the living/dining room
I moved it around differently but that’s all I wanted for him – a little table with chairs, a book shelf, a bench (which is also a shelf – whoa) where he can sit and read 🙂

How have you been?

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Hello Virus

And hello Website! Haven’t seen you in a long time!

It’s somehow funny, last year, December 19th, we were all sick with the stomach flu. This year, December 16th Q started vomiting, luckily only four times that evening until he finally fell asleep.
The boyfriend didn’t feel too good that night and I didn’t feel too good Saturday, but I went out and did my things and felt better after breakfast and two big cups of coffee.
Sunday however I got a headache, took some medicine and in the evening I didn’t feel good at all and thought ok, that’s it, hello stomach flu. The boyfriend didn’t get it, he only felt bad that one night.
But, instead of getting the stomach flu, I got a laryngitis! It somehow felt different from the regular I have a cold sore throat so I was a bit worried and went to the doctor on Tuesday. The disadvantage of a laryngitis, other than that it sucks, is that it can take up to ten days and seeing it’s a virus you can’t do anything against it, other than to drink lots of tea!
Oh, today is day three, on day six we have a big family dinner, on day seven as well, on day eight we drive to the boyfriend’s family and on day nine we have a big family dinner there.

Oh, I wish the virus wouldn’t always wait so long until it says “Hello, here I am” 🙁

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Fitness Check #5

My body fat & muscle measured Okt 21st 2016 vs. Jan 29th 2016 (and Dec 2nd 2015):

  • body fat: 18,7% = 9,5kg
    (Jan 2016: 19,6% = 9,9 kg (-1,1 kg))
  • right leg fat: 2,7 kg (+0,1 kg)
    (Jan 2016: 2,6 kg (-0,2 kg))
  • right leg muscle: 6,4 kg (the same – I can hardly believe after all those squats)
    (Jan 2016: 6,4 kg (same))
  • left leg fat: 2,7 kg (+0,1 kg)
    (Jan 2016: 2,6 kg (-0,2 kg))
  • left leg muscle: 6,2 kg (same)
    (Jan 2016: 6,2 kg (+0,1 kg))
  • right arm fat: 0,4 kg (same)
    (Jan 2016: 0,4 kg (-0,1 kg))
  • right arm muscle: 1,9 kg (+0,1 kg)
    (Jan 2016: 1,8 kg (same))
  • left arm fat: 0,4 kg (same)
    (Jan 2016: 0,4 kg (-0,1 kg))
  • left arm muscle: 1,8 kg (same)
    (Jan 2016: 1,8 kg (+0,1 kg))
  • carcass fat: 3,3 kg (-0,5 kg)
    (Jan 2016: 3,8 kg (-0,7 kg))
  • carcass muscle: 22,9 kg (+ 0,7 kg)
    (Jan 2016: 22,2 kg (+0,2 kg))

My BMI at the moment is 19,8.

So, to sum up, I started with Power Endurance (Foundation) for a few weeks, then went on to Hypertrophy and switched between those two. In September 2016 I made 5-6 weeks of maximum strength (Firming) and now I’m back to Hypertrophy.

In ten months of going to the gym 2-3 times a week following changes happened:

  • my weight always stayed pretty much the same (it’s not my goal to lose, luckily)
  • I went from 21,4 % body fat to 18,7 %
  • I went from 1210 kcal a day to 1230 kcal a day
  • I went from 40,2 kg muscle to 41,3 kg muscle
  • I hardly gained muscle in my arms and legs
  • I gained almost 1kg of muscle in my back and abs
  • I lost 1,2 kg of fat in my back and abs

In those ten months I didn’t control my eating habits (too much sweets) and hardly made endurance. All in all I’m happy with the results, I didn’t try so hard (meaning, I go to the gym twice a week and not three times, I eat a lot, I hardly do endurance). I can’t imagine I didn’t gain muscles in my legs, not sure what to think about that result. And also my arms after all those biceps curls etc. I plan on going jogging more during my next Foundation phase.

What’s your main goal you’re doing sports?

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