The Ankle
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The weekend was nice. Not great, but nice. The weather wasn’t all that good but the boyfriend and I spent as much time as possible outside.

On Friday, before we left, I brought out the trash. I was in a hurry, went to the backyard of my house and *BAM* – I twisted one’s ankle. Not the first time, no. The first time that happend, a lot of years ago, my band was stretched and I had to wear a plaster cast.

When something like that happens, when something happens to the inside of my body, I get very frustrated without even knowing if it’s bad or not bad. So I was depressed the whole time wile driving to Stuttgart, which made my boyfriend depressed, seeing I couldn’t laugh at one of his jokes.
So we drove to Stuttgart, me with my hurting ankle. On Saturday the boyfriend took me to the hospital (seeing there’s no doctor office open) to get my leg checked and because I’m a chicken when it comes to the inside of my body… as you know.
The doctor was nice, but just looking at him even made me tired. Who knows how long he has been working in his shift already. He told me there’s nothing wrong with my ankel – God Thanks – I probably just twisted it so much that the bone hit the ground and that’s what’s hurting now.

That’s the most “exciting” thing that happened that weekend 🙂

One of those days Alex, the boyfriend, showed me Esslingen, a beautiful city. Unfortunatelly I didn’t have my camera with me. Next time.

Now I’m home in Munich again, working tomorrow at 1pm.

15 thoughts on “The Ankle

  1. Ciel

    sorry to hear about your ankle! these things always depress me to. always try not to let it get me down. i think it’s good that you went to see a doctor if it eases your mind! i hope you’ll feel better soon!

  2. Cris

    i am sorry for your ankle, anyways it was nothing serious. i am a chicken like you, when i am in hospital i cry all the time like a baby, i can’t help it 😀
    i love you mami xxx

  3. Nicole

    I have never broken a bone, and I couldn’t imagine. It must be painful. Although you didn’t break it (thank god) twisting it sounds quite painful aswell. Get better babe 🙂

  4. Ellie

    I just learned that there are a lot of people using IE. Gah.

    My ankle was hurting last month, but it healed by the end of the month. I hope your ankle heals too, but quickly.

  5. Jenn

    im sorry about your ankle:9 i bet it really hurt. i usually dont mind going to the doctor. Back home in Georgia, i had so many injuries due to cheerleading the hospital knew me by name lol, so im used to doctors. i just dont like going when im sick cuz its such a hassle. i like the colors of your site. so pastel and pretty:)

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