Bad days
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Since I’ve been working, today has been the worst day – ever. It was one of those days where nothing went the way I wanted – nothing worked the way I wanted. It was one of those days where I might have just stayed at home, because the eight hours I “worked” brought nothing for anybody. What a waste. Plus, the computer kept crushing – showing me some video-card error. The monitor was all funny looking and in a resolution – let’s say – 400×200… ERDAS kept giving me errors etc etc. Seriously, a day which was – horrible!! I felt my hair getting grey, my heart beating faster, my mind going crazy. But I’m home now and relaxed, and tomorrow is a new (let’s hope good) day 🙂

I don’t mind when the tram is late. After all, it’s driving through the whole city through the whole traffic. Cars may be in the way, people may be in the way. I don’t mind – I know it’ll come some time. Well.. ok… if it’s 15 minutes late I tend to get pissed off.
But what I hate is when the tram is too early. Even if it’s just one minute – one minute is precious time when you want to reach public transportation. Yes it is. If the schedule is saying the tram is going to leave at 17:08, why is it leaving at 17:07??? Three clocks I’m looking it are telling me it’s too early for the tram to leave.
My luck that I’m leaving the building at 17:03 because I know it’ll take me 4 minutes to get to the station and so I’ll have one minute to wait. Or not…

I bought a book today. I’ve seen a documentary over the author (female) and I found her writing style quite interesting. She writes very cynical and provoking, so I just had to buy one book of her. The bad thing is that I won’t have time to read it before christmas, so I’m going to give it to my sister as a xmas present and hope she’ll borrow it to me 🙂

Or maybe I’ll start reading a little tonight?

10 thoughts on “Bad days

  1. Julia

    That sucks your day was so hectic and stressful. 🙁 Hopefully tomorrow goes better for you, and things work better. And I definitely understand about the tram – I had to take the trolley to work in San Diego, and if I was just one minute late (or they were early) then I had to wait anywhere from 15 minutes to a half hour, and that of course made me late. Better late than never (or early, haha)

  2. Adastra

    I never take trams by the time – I’ve never even memorized the schedules. When I leave for work in the morning, I just go out of my apartment at around 9 and just take the next best tram to work. But I actually have 3 trams I can take, and it’s only a 5-6 minute ride, so it’s not really that bad 😉

  3. christine

    what is a tram? i don’t think we have them here :X i hate when things come early and then you miss it. like when i used to take a bus it would come early then i would have to wait 30 mins for the next one. we all have bad bad days at work hopefully tomorrow will be better for you!

  4. Ciel

    ARGH i hate it when my bus s early! last time that happened to me i started running (looking completely like a fool) and he simply closed his doors and took off! bus drivers are bastards! i hope the rest of your week was a lot better!!

  5. Madeleine

    Aww, I’m sorry you had one of those days. I hate when the buss come earlier as well, happens alot here in Sweden and that ruins the whole day, busdrivers are mostly fuckers *hehe* 🙂

  6. s@m

    Sorry you’ve had a crap day.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my template. I have been working hard learning everything and trying stuff out. I’m glad that you like it!


  7. Cris

    i am sorry fate was against you today babe. sometimes it happens, bad days, just sleep under your cover and everything will go away, tomorrow is always a better day 😀
    i love u

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