How to avoid being annoying

We all know that you can be annoying at times 😛

Below are seven tips to avoid annoying other people

  1. Don’t use a whiny voice. Some people make a habit of talking in a whine, even when they’re making a perfectly innocuous comment. Some people whine ALL THE TIME. Once I started paying attention, I realized that I do this far too often, myself, and I try to remember to say things like, “Have you seen my keys?” in a nice tone, not in a whiny tone.
    Come to think of it – I know a girl who kinda always uses a whiny voice. Now I know why I don’t like listening to what she has to say…
  2. Watch your cell phone use. You may think it’s acceptable to talk in a store, or on a bus, or wherever, but remember that many people still find it extremely annoying when others use a phone in a public place.
    I don’t mind, as long as the person is speaking quietly.
  3. Don’t curse. I’m astonished by how many people use very bad language in crowded situations. You may feel fine about using the f-word in conversation with your friends, but if you’re in the subway, other people are going to hear you, too.
  4. Clean up after yourself.
    I just think it’s stupid if you use swear words all the time. It can result in being annoying.
  5. Think about whether you’re being interesting. Certain topics are very interesting to the speaker, much less interesting to the listener: descriptions of dreams, fond discussions about your children, re-tellings of the plots of movies or plays.
    I don’t think that’s too annoying.
  6. Watch the eye-stray. When you’re talking to someone in a crowded room, it’s tempting to keep looking around at the other people. This is very annoying to the person to whom you’re speaking; it feels like you’re hoping to find a more interesting conversationalist. Maintain eye contact, or if you’re looking around for a reason, explain it. I was very annoyed by a woman who kept glancing over my shoulder, until she explained, “My husband is coming, and he doesn’t know anyone here, and he’s very shy, so I’m looking for him.” Then I didn’t mind.
    YES! This is annoying the crap out of me! I can’t stand it! It’s quite rude actually.
  7. Most importantly: remember that different things annoy different people. Unfortunately, the ways that we annoy others reflect our personal proclivities – so it’s hard to be aware of how other people might react. E.g., if you’re the kind of person who talks on the phone all the time, you probably aren’t aware of how annoying other people find it. Or if you talk about your kids all the time, you probably don’t know that a lot of people find that boring. As a person who scores low on Agreeableness, I’m not naturally very considerate – but I’m trying to be more mindful of my actions.
    Good point 🙂
  8. Thanks, “The Happiness Project“, for sharing.

3 thoughts on “How to avoid being annoying

  1. Felisa

    I couldn’t agree more! Especially about the cellphone use. It’s VERY disrespectful (and annoying) when my customers talk on the phone while I’m ringing them up. I feel like they’re treating me like I’m not a person when they do that just because I’m just a cashier.

    I also hate people who use that whiny baby voice. Seriously!

  2. Helga

    To add to #1: I hate when people use a ~baby voice~ all the goddamn time, thinking it’s cute. It’s different from baby talk which is annoying if done in excess and to people not your lover lol. Eeeeh, high-pitched cutesy-patootsey voice. Feh,

  3. Veronica

    I usually cuss like a sailor. When I’m around people I don’t know, or who aren’t used to me I reign it in quite a bit. I have self control lol I rarely cuss on my site though. Wouldn’t want to look like an idiot.

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