Baby Bump Week 29 - 28w6d

My 29th week baby bump story

29th week

How far along: 28 weeks 6 days
How much do I weigh: 55,8 kg (+ 7 kg) I know I’ll scratch the 60 kg but I hope not to go over. We’ll see. The babe will gain 2 – 2,5 kg for sure and something in my body will probably gain as well, probably the fat! The amniotic fluid isn’t getting more, I read that, I’m not sure about my uterus. My boobs might still get bigger.
Belly size:

Baby Bump Week 29 - 28w6d
Baby Bump Week 29 – 28w6d

Belly button in or out: Half half, still more in though
Sleep: Quite good. At the moment I don’t have to run to the bathroom when I wake up, I just wake up and lay awake for some time, but not every night.
Food (non) cravings: Meat
Symptoms: I’m becoming a stick-in-the-mud more and more. Even to just turn from one side to the other side in bed seems like an effort. I’m happy for my UGGS.
Maternity clothes: I got some new tops from a friend, some warm pullovers. Bought one new pullover at H&M in size S which kinda looks like a sack but I’m pretty sure it will fit me in March as well. Seeing I don’t want to spend a lot in maternity clothes I’m ok with not feeling too good in the clothes I’m wearing, but they’re not that bad either.
Stretch marks: Nope 🙂
Miss anything: Every week I think of something I might miss but really, this whole pregnancy till now I haven’t really missed anything. It’s a different lifestyle, it’s temporary and I’ve been adapting myself to it. Of course I prefer my power workouts where I come out of the gym-room all sweaty but I’ll be able to hopefully do that a few weeks/months after my birth. I’ve got different priorities now like not getting my heart-rate up too high so I’m ok with my current lifestyle. As long as our baby is doing fine I’m doing more than fine.
Looking forward to: Buying a dryer
Best happenings this week:

  • Well, we bought a new TV which wasn’t expensive but is quite big (40”). Watching Homeland, the Big Bang Theory and different documentaries on the “big screen” is really quite a pleasure (we watched them on a 13” laptop before). Plus now we can finally listen to music and not only on the laptop! I love listening to music 🙂
  • It snowed – lots! Sooooo pretty. Now it’s raining again and way too warm so the snow is melting again. It was nice as long as we had it.
  • Bought another cute outfit for Baby-Boy Bruno

Movement: <3 <3 <3 Gender: Baby-Boy Bruno (in-uterus name 🙂 )
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy
Sports: *cough* still on my Christmas vacation and enjoying doing nothing at the moment.