So nervous
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Oh gawd, my grades will be on the internet in 1,5 hours. I’m so damn nervous. Plus I have to look at the grades for the boyfriend, seeing he has no internet. And he wrote one exam (Visual Basic) which he has to pass. I’ll be more nervous for his grades than for mine. It’s not that bad when I don’t pass one exam but I’m hoping I did pass them all.

Today nine people out of my class sat in the university, in the hot university, having a photogrammetry class. Yeah, from 12pm until 7.30pm. Fun.

Tomorrow we’ll have to meet with one prof and we’ll talk about the excursion we’re making at the end of September. We’ll be going to Silvretta, surveying in the mountains. That’s what I spent my last pay-cheque on. I bought a very good rain jacket and some rain pants. Yeah, those two things cost so much that I won’t be able to buy anything the next month. But once in a while you have to invest in something like that, and I’ll have it quite some time in the future. Plus Austria is one hour away and I go hiking a lot, so it definatelly was a good buy.

Oh so nervous.

I’m tired already. I think I’ll organize my messy papers all over in this apartment. Then I’ll at least do something useful.

7 thoughts on “So nervous

  1. Cindy

    hehe i love your sexy geeky adventures! 😛 it sounds like that trip is going to an interesting and well worth the money you spent for it. i wish my college classes had trips like that 😥

    i hope you passed your classes as well! don’t be so nervous, heh. i’m sure you did better than you realized 🙂

  2. Snehz

    OMG hun I just got up and realised that your results were out yesterday 💡 SO I hope and pray they were ALL good!! Let me know how it goes 🙂 all the best!

    Love you xoxo

    comment back ;)?

  3. Cris

    what is RAIN??? lol.
    have fun at the excursion. i can’t wait to have some vacations.
    i just wanna know if you and the bubby passed the exams, i hope so!
    love u xxx

  4. helga

    Ive decided to drop one of my electives. 😯

    What are rain pants?

    And ooh ooh, grades! Im excited (haha, not nervous) for you. What does Alex take up?

    And Tracy Does Paris— it’s my favorite Stars Are Blind remix. And yes, I actually thought of you the first time I read the CD inlay. Tracy Does Munich— wouldnt that have ben awesome-r???

  5. michelle

    yaaaiii!! i wish you luck on your grades!!! my grades are almost up on the internet too and im DEAD nervous! i hope i passed my class [i dropped one class soo…]! lots and lotsa luck to you, traceface!

    aw, i wish i understood german! it’ll be cool to be able to speak another new language! i used to listen to a lot of german classical songs in my previous music class. it has a lot of ich-sounding words! what does “ich” mean? if that’s even a word. lol. im gonna check out your german livejournal now! take care! whoo!! ❓

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