Trainingsplan #1

My first weight trainingsplan goes from November 1st to December 12th 2013. I slowly, slowly increase on weight, yet I have to keep in mind that 15 repetitions is quite a lot! My trainer knows I want to gain muscle so I hope my next plans will slowly go from less weight / more repetitions to more weight / less repetitions.
Currently (I still do the strength circuit as well):

  1. Butterfly: 2 x 15, 10 kg
  2. Pulley sitting: 2 x 15, 15 kg
  3. Pulley standing: 2 x 15, 8 kg
  4. Bizeps pulley: 2 x 15, 5 – 7,5 kg
  5. Trizeps pulley: 2 x 15, 5 – 7,5 kg
  6. Calves with dumbbells: 2 x 15, 8 kg
  7. Adductor: 2 x 15, 30 kg
  8. Abductor: 2 x 15, 30 kg
  9. TRX crunch: 2 x 15
  10. Crunch sideways: 2 x 15
  11. Total Abdomen: 2 x 15, 27,5 – 30 kg

It’s been 6 months since I joined the gym – wow! I’m happy to say that I’ve been to the gym very regularly. October was the only month I didn’t go a lot due to business-projects and not being in town, but other than that there are hardly any gaps. My gym days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and either Saturday or Sunday (or both, if I don’t go on Friday).
There’s one big problem I’m facing though – I eat a bunch of sweets every evening. I, as a certified nutritionist, should know a lot better. I do know, I just can’t resist. I know I shouldn’t even buy that crap. I don’t know for how longs it’s been going (my sugar addiction) but I’m guessing since September. I buy too much sweets and can’t stop eating them, which means an additional 500-1000 calories (whoa!!) every evening through sweets. 🙁
It’s amazing I only have 17% body-fat, I can’t even imagine that the machine is right… My belly, if I don’t flex it after I have eaten, looks like I’m pregnant. It’s a big ball. Also in the mornings it’s a little too big for my taste, and I blame the sweets.
Ok, so, my next goal is to get those sweets out of my daily life. I eat healthy every day so I’m annoying myself that after the gym, after the shower, after dinner, on the couch, I walk into the kitchen and look for which yummy sweets I can eat. And it’s not only one piece of chocolate, no, it’s the whole bar of chocolate! Sigh, this will be hard…

Fitness Check #1

August_2013Yesterday I had my first fitness-check, which means:

  1. resting ECG (Cardio Scan)
  2. body fat measuring
  3. BMI measuring
  4. biking until a heart rate of 140

It all took about one hour. Here my results

  1. resting ECG

    Not that good, I have a little cold and you notice. My heart beat was at 80, which is quite high. I remember measuring my heart beat a few weeks ago at work and I had 60. My fit level with that rate was at 2, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. Yikes! My trainer said it has to do with less sleep (check), stress (a little), being sick (having a cold – check)
  2. body fat measuring
    Body fat: 16,8% I was quite surprised. I let my boyfriend measure with a Skinfold Caliper and my result there was 23%. At the gym they measured with a Near-infrared interactance. No idea what is the safest way to measure body fat…
  3. BMI measuring
  4. biking until a heart rate of 140
    I was in the area between “very good” and “very very good”. I warmed up five minutes, then had to bike at the same speed for one or two minutes with increasing inclination until I reached a heart rate of 140. Then cool down and my trainer wrote down my heart rate after one minute, after three and after five. Then some calculations followed and my result was 2.6 (whatever unit).

I’m happy with my results, the next check will be in three months.

Gym Week #2

Last week I’ve been to the gym three times:

  • Monday: 2,5 hours – mostly cardio, a little strength (Step 60 min & Bodystyling 60 min & Cross-Trainer 20 min)
  • Tuesday: 2 hours – cardio & strength (Cross-Trainer 30 min & Circle Training 2 rounds 24 min & Belly-Legs-Tushy 60 min)
  • Wednesday: PAUSE
  • Thursday: 1,5 hours – cardio & strength (Step 60 min & Circle Training 24 min)

Here’s my belly after week 2
I hope I can go again at least four times this coming week again. We don’t have anything planned for the weekend, yet.

Gym Week #1

10:30 – 11:30: Step
11:30 – 12:30: Bodystyling
12:40 – 13:00: Cross-Trainer (10 min. backwards, 10 min. forwards)

After training the BF waited with a lovely and oh so yummy rhubarb cake. Before the gym I had an apple-banana-milk & water shake with lime.
My first gym week is completed, I’ve been to the gym:

  • Monday: 2 hours – endurance & strength training (Power Dumbell & Zumba)
  • Tuesday: 1,5 hours – endurance & strength training (Dance & Circle Training)
  • Thursday: 1,25 hours – endurance & strength training (Step & Circle Training)
  • Sunday: 3 hours – endurance & strength training (Dance Step & Belly-Legs-Tushy & Circle Training)
  • Monday: 2,5 hours – endurance training (Step with barbells and dumbbell & Bodystyling with dumbbell)

My belly after one week of gym membership. Didn’t change too much (duh!) but it’s gone through a lot of crunch, sit-up and leg-raise pain!
Belly week one