One Month

On May 13th I started my gym workout!
On May 11th I had my first supervised training with a coach!
On May 8th I joined the gym!

I’ve been to following group courses:

  • Body Pump (strength)
  • Bodystyling (strength)
  • WBS (Pilates-Style, strength)
  • Zumba (cardio)
  • TRX (strength)
  • Dance (cardio)
  • Belly-Legs-Tushy (strength)
  • Step (cardio)

My favorites are: Body Pump, TRX, Belly-Legs-Tushy and Step

Machines I use in the strength circuit (8 machines a 30 seconds a 20 reps, 2 rounds) :
Each round

  • row: 14kg (started with 13kg) +1
  • ab crunch: 14kg (started with 12kg) +2
  • leg curl: 14kg (started with 10kg) +4
  • chest press: 13kg (started with 11kg) +2
  • back extension: 24kg (started with 16kg) +8
  • leg extension: 11kg (started with 7kg) +4
  • lat pull: 19kg (started with 10kg) +9
  • glutaeus: 13kg (started with 11kg) +2
  • hip abduction: 20kg

I feel good! I feel how my whole body is getting harder. My abs and especially my arms! I’m happy I joined, I’m really enjoying the gym, I never thought I would. egym

Gym Week #1

10:30 – 11:30: Step
11:30 – 12:30: Bodystyling
12:40 – 13:00: Cross-Trainer (10 min. backwards, 10 min. forwards)

After training the BF waited with a lovely and oh so yummy rhubarb cake. Before the gym I had an apple-banana-milk & water shake with lime.
My first gym week is completed, I’ve been to the gym:

  • Monday: 2 hours – endurance & strength training (Power Dumbell & Zumba)
  • Tuesday: 1,5 hours – endurance & strength training (Dance & Circle Training)
  • Thursday: 1,25 hours – endurance & strength training (Step & Circle Training)
  • Sunday: 3 hours – endurance & strength training (Dance Step & Belly-Legs-Tushy & Circle Training)
  • Monday: 2,5 hours – endurance training (Step with barbells and dumbbell & Bodystyling with dumbbell)

My belly after one week of gym membership. Didn’t change too much (duh!) but it’s gone through a lot of crunch, sit-up and leg-raise pain!
Belly week one