Baby Bump Week 30 - 29w6d
My 30th week baby bump story

30th week

How far along: 29 weeks 6 days
How much do I weigh: 56 kg (+ 7,2 kg / 15.8 pounds)
Belly size: Growing

Baby Bump Week 30 - 29w6d

Baby Bump Week 30 – 29w6d

Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: I can’t complain. Baby-Boy Bruno mostly goes to bed the same time I do so it’s quite in there 😉 Sometimes I get up once in the middle of the night, sometimes not. I really can’t complain.
Food (non) cravings: Nothing special
Symptoms: Can’t complain here either. None really. When I lay too long on one side I feel like my hip is falling asleep and feels really uncomfortable which reminds me of bedsore 🙁
Maternity clothes: Yes please
Stretch marks: None
Miss anything: I miss to have more space in our apartment. I need to get rid of some plants – too much!
Looking forward to:

  • My next OB appointment in five days.
  • Buying the last big things we need – a stroller, a dryer, a diaper garbage can.
  • Best happenings this week: Nothing really exciting and worth mentioning happened.
    Movement: Lots. As Bruno is getting bigger each day/week I feel lots more going on. His kicking/slapping/turning/hitting isn’t uncomfortable yet so I’m lucky.
    Gender: Baby-Boy
    Happy or moody most of the time: Happy
    Sports: Walks

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Baby Bump Week 29 - 28w6d
My 29th week baby bump story

29th week

How far along: 28 weeks 6 days
How much do I weigh: 55,8 kg (+ 7 kg) I know I’ll scratch the 60 kg but I hope not to go over. We’ll see. The babe will gain 2 – 2,5 kg for sure and something in my body will probably gain as well, probably the fat! The amniotic fluid isn’t getting more, I read that, I’m not sure about my uterus. My boobs might still get bigger.
Belly size:

Baby Bump Week 29 - 28w6d

Baby Bump Week 29 – 28w6d

Belly button in or out: Half half, still more in though
Sleep: Quite good. At the moment I don’t have to run to the bathroom when I wake up, I just wake up and lay awake for some time, but not every night.
Food (non) cravings: Meat
Symptoms: I’m becoming a stick-in-the-mud more and more. Even to just turn from one side to the other side in bed seems like an effort. I’m happy for my UGGS.
Maternity clothes: I got some new tops from a friend, some warm pullovers. Bought one new pullover at H&M in size S which kinda looks like a sack but I’m pretty sure it will fit me in March as well. Seeing I don’t want to spend a lot in maternity clothes I’m ok with not feeling too good in the clothes I’m wearing, but they’re not that bad either.
Stretch marks: Nope 🙂
Miss anything: Every week I think of something I might miss but really, this whole pregnancy till now I haven’t really missed anything. It’s a different lifestyle, it’s temporary and I’ve been adapting myself to it. Of course I prefer my power workouts where I come out of the gym-room all sweaty but I’ll be able to hopefully do that a few weeks/months after my birth. I’ve got different priorities now like not getting my heart-rate up too high so I’m ok with my current lifestyle. As long as our baby is doing fine I’m doing more than fine.
Looking forward to: Buying a dryer
Best happenings this week:

  • Well, we bought a new TV which wasn’t expensive but is quite big (40”). Watching Homeland, the Big Bang Theory and different documentaries on the “big screen” is really quite a pleasure (we watched them on a 13” laptop before). Plus now we can finally listen to music and not only on the laptop! I love listening to music 🙂
  • It snowed – lots! Sooooo pretty. Now it’s raining again and way too warm so the snow is melting again. It was nice as long as we had it.
  • Bought another cute outfit for Baby-Boy Bruno

Movement: <3 <3 <3 Gender: Baby-Boy Bruno (in-uterus name 🙂 )
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy
Sports: *cough* still on my Christmas vacation and enjoying doing nothing at the moment.

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fortune cookie
My fortune for 2015

I got a fortune cookie at our local grocery store today and this is what it says

fortune cookie

“Newcomers will appear in your life during the next few weeks”

It says “Newcomers will appear in your life during the next few weeks.” Hah, that’s pretty much true, in about 10 weeks maybe? 🙂