Walking home from work

If you get off work early, if it’s lovely sunny weather outside and you have nothing planned for the day – walk home.

In my case, walk 20 km home and lose 977 kcal.

I left work at 12:30 and got home at around 17:30.
But I did have a few stops on the way, had to pee badly twice, stopped for a cup of coffee, had to try on a skirt I saw in a clothes store, got a veggie smoothie, stopped at the book store, stopped to take off my shoes (what a big mistake), stopped to get some bread and last but not least stopped to get three big cups of ice-cream in a big cone <3 My feet hurt so bad because I made two big mistakes:

  1. Start my tour with Flip Flops: I walked almost 5 km in my Flip Flops and didn’t notice how it started hurting between my toes. I then put on my Converse Ballerinas but took those off after 1km as well. Finally I put on my running shoes and all was good, but it was too late already, my feet had water blisters, see:

    Why did I wear Flip Flops in the first place you wonder? I wanted my feet to get tanned because tanned feet are so fine 🙂

  2. Take off my running shoes after 16km and put them on again: Everybody knows to not take off your shoes! I sat down, took them off and just let them rest. Then I put them back on again and the rubbing of the blisters got worse. At the end I could hardly walk anymore and right now I’m sitting on the couch for hours because I still can hardly walk.

But it was a lovely walk, I saw so much, the weather was amazing, I got a nice tan on my legs and did the most out of my Friday afternoon.

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75km Mountainbike Tour

And now it’s 8:15pm and I’m sooo tired but happy!
My Mom’s in London having a blast with her best friend so I drove out to my Dad today.
My dad biked towards me and I met him after about 21km 🙂

  • 40,3km
  • 2:11 hours
  • 722 cal
  • Average Speed: 18.3 km/h


  • 35,31km
  • 1:52 hours
  • 781 cal
  • Average Speed: 19 km/h

I left in the morning at 9:20, met my dad at around 10:30, arrived home home at aroung 11:45. The afternoon I spent laying in the sun and I left for my home again at around 4:45pm.

It was a very good day, nice sunny and warm (yet windy) and I can’t wait to get my good night’s sleep!

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Climbing Adventures

Climbing park in Garmisch.
It was so scary – it was so high and shaky!
Coming down 🙂
Great experience, you lose your fear of hights when you do more and more because you have to concentrate so much on NOT FALLING!

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Crossfit #1

Today I completed my first Crossfit session. It was good, it was hard, it was fun!
I was so nervous so I forgot to take photos of the inside – I took the ones above when I left the building, thought I’d catch the flair of it 🙂

We started out with some theory and did some warm ups after. Then we split into three groups, my group (three men and me) were responsible for the burpees build-up, the other two for the squat kettlebells, group three for the kettlebell swing.

We got trained on how to perform those excercises and then we made three rounds, each excercise one minute and after the three minutes of:

  • 1 Min. Burpees with Box Jumps
  • 1 Min. Squats and
  • 1 Min. Kettlebell Swings
  • we made a 1 Min. break.

    In the end I was so happy to be in the “Burpee-Starter” group because those were the hardest. The jump on the box – oh my! My heart rate reached the 90% border. It was good and fun though and I might get a time card for 10 times.

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    On Thursday eve the Bubby and me visited Gunther von Hagens’ Bodyworlds.

    I wasn’t sure how I would react to looking at dead bodies but it turned out to be very informative and fascinating. One woman fainted, twice! I think (I hope) they carried her out after the second time, she fainted in the very beginning.

    It started with the embryo – from 1 week old, 4 weeks old … up to 7, 8, 9 months old babies. It’s amazing how much a baby still grows in the last two months!

    Then we looked at a real skeleton, followed by different bones and body parts. The lung is huge, the brain small, the female body parts are tiny. The human heart is not red 😉 It’s the “year of the lung” so a lot of sick lungs like smoker’s lung, lung cancer, tuberculosis were shown.

    The liver is very prone to metastases because of its strong blood circulation.

    We saw the heart after a heart attack, the brain after a stroke, dark skin cancer (it’s so dangerous because it goes through your skin into the body and nets up with all the organs), arthrosis, artificial body parts (artificial hip joint, artificial heart valves, femoral fracture…), the digestive tract with a gastric ulcer, the muscles, veins and arteries… everything actually.

    Last but not least a huge brown bear (which was actually only a medium sized bear) showing its muscles.

    Very fascinating, it’s amazing how some people just take their body, the body that keeps them alive for decades, for granted and ruin it with terrible eating habits, drugs and too much alcohol. It’s also amazing how so many people just don’t care about their body and what it achieves, how it’s its own universe – unbelievable!

    It’s not “gross” to go to that exhibition, it is the human body you are seeing. Although I did have an unpleasant feeling in my tummy in the beginning, wasn’t sure if it was just me being hungry or me knowing I’m looking at someone who was alive once.

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