Spanish vs. French

I’m learning French at the moment – I’m trying to learn French at the moment.
It’s hard! For me it is! I never had French, in school I had Latin (ugh!) and I learned Spanish years ago. Spanish is so much easier (for me)!
I have lots of trouble pronouncing the French words.

5 – Cinq – Sääänk. 15 – quinze – Käääääse.

And all the ´ and ` and ^ and what letters to pronounce and which not…

Bonjour, je m’apelle Tracy, j’ai trente et un ans. Je suis blogger et je travaille chez Je habit d’Europe. J’ai une méré et un péré et deux saeurs… Comment allez vous? Au revoir! Hm, did I get that right?

It’s fun though but I feel it’s a long and rocky road until I can speak and understand French.

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Challenge Accepted

My Boyfriend says he’ll be able to make five (5!) chin-ups with one arm in one year.
I thought I should keep his goal digital, just in case 🙂

He didn’t want me to blog about this…

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I miss the gym!

This is the first time since 2012 that I’m sick. And with sick I mean, having a bad cold and not being able to go to work. It started on Sunday, January 5th, that day I did a 30 minute circuit training workout. I didn’t feel too well but I didn’t feel too bad either. Monday was a holiday, so, no work and I stayed home Tuesday and Wednesday. I did go to work on Thursday because I felt quite good on Wednesday but my running nose started on Thursday so I stayed home on Friday.

Now it’s Sunday and I still don’t feel 100%. It feels like (I hope) I need about two more days to be back on track!

Anyway, knock on wood, I only missed work one day last year (after I got stung by a bee and couldn’t sleep the whole night).

I didn’t feel too good before my trip to France in October last year and blogged about what sucks the most when you’re sick, and it’s NOT BEING ABLE TO GO TO THE GYM!!

I don’t believe in working out with a cold. I think your body needs all the energy it can get to get healthy again and not to build muscles or improve your fitness. And also, I can’t imagine people at the gym would appreciate when I sneeze and caugh and blow my nose all the time. I wouldn’t like that either.

So, yesterday I was so bored so I took some random photos.

PhotographyPhotographyPhotographyHello Kitty Photography

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Books I’ve read in 2014 so far

Having vacation and a cold right in the beginning of a new year gives you lots of chances to read books 🙂

#1: Me before you
Loved it, couldn’t stop it, such a good book which brings so many tears, from the beginning till the end.

#2: You had me at hello
It’s ok, nice and easy to read. It’s not that absorbing yet I always liked starting reading again. I didn’t read it within a few hours like “Me before You” but I thought it was a cute book, not sad, a bit funny at times and just a nice book to read.

#3: Gone Girl
Hmm, interesting… Some things I found annoying, like the charakter “Nick” in the beginning. I didn’t like him and I’m not sure I like him now. The end – terrible. I knew it would not be good because so many people have written about it. It seems like the author didn’t know how to end it. The book was thrilling and I read it quite fast.

My next book is by Nora Roberts, The Next Always. Got it for Christmas from my mother-in-law. Nosy to know what the book is about 🙂

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*Book Spoilers about “Me before you” and “You had me at hello”

The last two weeks I read three books about girls in their early 30s who are single or just broke up.

  • Me before you: She broke up because her partner didn’t trust her and never thought about marrying her
  • You had me at hello: She was engaged but broke up with her partner because they were not happy
  • Gone Girl: 31 and single for a long time

Just thought it was an interesting coincidence…

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New family member and other things

Visited my sister yesterday to get a look of my new niece, Emmy.
She slept the whole time on my sister’s chest and didn’t open her eyes once. Today, it seems, she is more active because I had this photo in my email box a few minutes ago.

After the visit to my sister the Lover and I went to buy a new cross-country ski set. Too bad there’s no snow at all here, I’m nosy to know when that will come.

Haven’t been in the gym in so long. Monday was the last time. Spent NYE in Austria and first got back Thursday night. I’m planning on going tomorrow morning/noon though. Can’t hardly wait 🙂

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