Belly week one
Gym Week #1

10:30 – 11:30: Step
11:30 – 12:30: Bodystyling
12:40 – 13:00: Cross-Trainer (10 min. backwards, 10 min. forwards)

After training the BF waited with a lovely and oh so yummy rhubarb cake. Before the gym I had an apple-banana-milk & water shake with lime.
My first gym week is completed, I’ve been to the gym:

  • Monday: 2 hours – endurance & strength training (Power Dumbell & Zumba)
  • Tuesday: 1,5 hours – endurance & strength training (Dance & Circle Training)
  • Thursday: 1,25 hours – endurance & strength training (Step & Circle Training)
  • Sunday: 3 hours – endurance & strength training (Dance Step & Belly-Legs-Tushy & Circle Training)
  • Monday: 2,5 hours – endurance training (Step with barbells and dumbbell & Bodystyling with dumbbell)

My belly after one week of gym membership. Didn’t change too much (duh!) but it’s gone through a lot of crunch, sit-up and leg-raise pain!
Belly week one

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New Gym Clothing

When I joined the gym I noticed I can’t wear my normal jogging pants I wear around the house, my American Apparel T-Shirts & bra. So, after having my first Belly-Legs-Tushy course I decided to hit the local sports-store (it’s huge, I was impressed).

I knew I needed:
– shorter pants for the summer
– more tops
– sports bra

So I grabbed about 10 knee-long gym-capris, one fit, Puma Move Capris.
I tried on a few tops but decided I really didn’t like them too much – all too short (I can’t stand too short tops), so I ordered some Under Armour HeatGear Fitted Victory tank tops online. Yum!
I bought on in bright yellow, dark grey and light grey. I’ll get some more bright colors next month *coughsalarycough*.
After trying on a bunch of sports bra and not knowing if I should still be able to breathe or not I decided on an Adidas techfit bra, similar to the one in the image (just my back is grey, not purple).
After going to the gym on a regularly basis I noticed I need to get a second (and maybe third) sports bra and maybe another pair of capris. I’d also like a long sleeve and maybe new shoes, I saw some nice Under Armours for a good price.
At least it’s very much fun to buy all this stuff and unfortunately it’s quite hard to stop.
Tonight we’re going Sushi-Eating – I can’t wait!! 🙂

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