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Let’s do this again, see what has changed since 2006.

Favourite Colour: Pink
Favourite Food: Spaghetti Carbonara
Favourite Sport: Surfing
Favourite Day of the Week: Saturday
Favourite Season: Summer
Favourite Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry’s

Current Mood: Relaxed
Current Clothes: Black sweat pants, pink socks, blue long sleeve
Desktop: Minions <3 Current Time: 21:05 Current Surroundings: my parents, the TV, the Christmas tree, flowers Current Annoyances: nothing, aah 🙂 Current Thoughts: thinking of what to write Last: Last Drink: Wine Last Car Ride: Today, from home to my parents Last Crush: my current boyfriend Last Phone Call: to Sandra, she has birthday today Last CD played: Christmas songs Have you ever: Have you ever dated one of your best friends: no Have you ever broken the law: I guess Have you ever been arrested: nope Have you ever been on TV: yeah, the Disney Club Have you ever kissed someone you dont know: I don't think so Things: 5 things you are good at: Listening, Organizing, driving a car, baking, taking photos 4 things you did today: did laundry, drank coffee, went to the gym, rode my bike 3 things you can hear right now: Luciano Pavarotti singing, my mom talking, Sting singing 2 things you regret: eating too much sweets on days, maybe my belly piercing... 1 thing you do when you are bored: surf the net


My awesome Christmas present from the Bubby!!
A Minion!!! And an alpaca-wool cap. Love both, but the Minion is just legendary! And that proves to me – he DOES can take a hint (or two or three).

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Busy December

December is such a busy month this year, I’m having one busy week infront of me and then it’s vacation time! Oh yeah!

Happy December

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First (actual) Snow

It’s freezing cold and this morning (as well as yesterday) it was -2°C. It snowed last night here and the snow is still on the ground – yay! The breaks of my bike are frozen so tomorrow I’ll walk again, which means I need to leave the apartment earlier which means I need to get up earlier – boo. Oh well, SNOOWWW 🙂